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Emerald City-- Fine Cut Rock


Lead Vocals, Guitar 

Besides singing from a very early age, Iva started playing in a guitar duo with her best friend (a guitarist and drummer) from grade school.  They played together in “Keepers of the Watch” during the latter part of high school. Upon college graduation, she joined her first full-time nine-piece show band called “Home Cookin'” sharing the fronting responsibility with a male front and toured playing large venues in the Boston area.

When she left “Home Cookin”, she joined “Shady Lady”, again touring the New England states playing the higher-end show and dance circuit.  She met Paul, her husband, in this group and they went on to form “Fortune”, a five piece band with other professionals, and later joined "53rd Avenue," still touring in New England.

After settling in Indiana, getting back to her roots, Paul and Iva formed the first “Emerald City” band in the 80’s and enjoyed great success playing in clubs, and parties. This group had a great following and many gigs in central Indiana, even playing the Vogue and Radisson on occasion. 

They folded “Emerald City” to raise their children. During the years between, they worked with children in their church directing the youth band, covering contemporary religious songs from the radio and enjoying every minute of it.

Desiring to form a very strong cover band with experienced players, they decided to put Emerald City back together and were very fortunate to meet three very experienced professionals with the same desire to play great music paying attention to the details of the sound.  We truly are blessed to have met people with great talent that are like family!!   


Keyboards, Vocals

Paul started his first band with his best friend-- a guitar player-- in the summer between 6th and 7th grade.  With the quick addition of additional friends-- bassist and drummer, the band was complete.  This band-- "The Federation"-- got their first paying gig when the players were still 7th graders, and stayed together all the way through high school, playing dances and parties for their teen-aged peers, and even winning 2nd place among much older competitors in a "Battle of the Bands."

Though "The Federation" disbanded as the players went off to college, 3 of them soon reunited in "Main Street" which became one of the hottest bands in the South Coast area of Massachusetts.  Later, Paul played full-time in other popular bands including "The Cordials," "Shady Lady" (where he met future wife Iva), "Fortune," and "53rd Avenue."

After moving to Indianapolis, Paul and Iva formed the original "Emerald City." Having the opportunity to form the 21st Century version of "Emerald City" has been an exciting project since meeting and joining with some really talented and experienced players that have truly completed the band.

Paul utilizes multiple keyboards to cover the piano, organ, and synth essentials in "Emerald City's" music, while adding the textures of strings, horns, and more to round out the sound, contributing to the unique and exciting soundscape that "Emerald City" brings to each performance.


Lead Guitar, Vocals

John grew up in Northwest Indiana playing classic rock, blues and jazz in high school groups. After college he moved to Georgia where he naturally absorbed the southern rock and country scene. 

As a member of bands including Sudden Storm, All or Nothing, and Ten Below Zero he was able to release original tunes on CD and also had the opportunity to open for acts such as Tanya Tucker, Mark Chesnutt, Mother’s Finest, and blues legend Clarence Carter.

Now that John and his photographer wife Rhonda have settled “back home again in Indiana,” he is excited to share his fusion of styles with the Indy music scene. While his main passion is guitar, he also plays bass, keys, drums, and mandolin, and also contributes his considerable vocal talents to the sound of Emerald City.


Bass, Vocals

Veteran bassist Curt Reigel began his career in music at around age 12 in Dayton, Ohio, a city that birthed The Ohio Players, Sun, Heat Wave, Slave, and many other well-known groups. Self-taught, picking up big brother's Eko bass and playing by ear to records, Curt joined his first band Production 7 with well known sax player Bob Gay while in his freshman year of high school. Right out of high school he met up with Vince DeSolvo and Fly Barlow of RCA Victor label group Green Lyte Sunday. The two were putting GLS back together after their break up in 1979 but conflict between the original members kept GLS a name of the past. Curt went on tour with Midnight Specials for a short while before teaming up with Gary Simpson, a former keyboard player of The Ohio Players. They formed a band "Fortune" and took to the road playing progressive rock traveling all over US Cities. A long and tiring tour brought the band back to showcase in Dayton where Curt and Gary decided to stay in their home town and became the duo of Network. Network was the back bone of many of the area singers providing a full sound and tight back up vocals. The two friends played together for seven years before splitting up. They are still best of friends today and jam together from time to time.

After a few years off Curt played with Sudden Impact of West Virginia in 1999 and returning home once again a year later to Dayton joined SideFX, another local favorite. Over a ten-year span he played with talents of Pat Palmer (Keith Whitley, Lori Morgan) guitar player, Harold Kennedy (Montgomery Gentry) guitar player and others from the country genre before returning to the music he loves most, classic rock. 

“I had the privilege to play with some of the best players," says Curt, "but never sought fame for myself. There are many good bassists out there but I kept working because I was solid on my instrument, solid on my back up vocals, and reliable.” After a few years searching for a good classic rock project Curt met up with Emerald City members. “Emerald City just clicked right from day one. All going in the same direction and all seeking the same goals. If this is the last group I play with it will be the one I can live with, you know...go out with a bang.”

Curt's wife Marsha, also a musician has been his support group for the past twenty years. “We are pals and we are lovers and she is the best thing that has happened to me and to my music. I have always had an incredible high vocal range but have lost it in the past few years. She has helped me to hear and sing the lower harmonies as she is quite the harmony singer herself.”


Drums, Vocals

Originally a native of Greencastle, Indiana, David Pleiss has been playing drums and percussion since age 11 and was taking the stage at local clubs at age 18. In the 1990s, he performed and recorded three releases with the original folk rock band Plaid Descent, and played extensively with them, appearing on the Jenny Jones Show in Chicago and sharing the stage with The Why Store for New Years Eve at World Mardi Gras. In the 90s and 2000s, Dave was a featured studio musician and co-writer for Penny Lane Studios, performing on a song featured on the Bob and Tom Show. 

From 2000 to 2008, he performed with singer/songwriter Ann McWilliams, was a co-writer and harmony vocalist, and recorded with her on three releases. With her band, he headlined the City of Music event at the Rathskellar, the Bluebird in Nashville, and opened for Cyndi Lauper, KD Lang, and many other headliners, at Deer Creek Music Center. 

More recently, he has enjoyed performing in local clubs in classic rock/blues band Blue Wax. On many occasions, he has been lead vocalist and harmony vocalist, and has a wide vocal range. 

Dave is a solid--yet creative-- drummer and percussionist, and enjoys the challenge of utilizing all of his talents in Emerald City.

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